Hugo Red by Hugo Boss for Men - Eau de Toilette, 75ml

Dhs. 246.00

Take the charm of your presence to the whole new level with the aromatic touch of the Hugo Red Perfume by Hugo Boss. This enchanting fragrance will captivate the senses of your admirers in no time. The sweet, fruity, sour, and metallic scent of this perfume adds a pleasant touch to your personality. Let the people around feel your existence with the unforgettable aroma of this Hugo Boss Perfume. It is packed in an attractive red bottle, which makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Hugo Boss Perfume


The top notes are grapefruit, pink pepper, galbanum, and metallic notes. These powerful opening notes awaken your senses and fill you with freshness and enthusiasm. It difficult for anyone around you to resist the appeal that these notes create for you.

Hugo Boss Perfume


The middle notes are formed by rhubarb, cedar, pineapple, and metallic notes. These notes are capable of maintaining your charm and warmth for an extended time. Wear the Hugo Red perfume before going on a date or outing and keep your companion stunned.

Hugo Boss Perfume


The base notes of this perfume are formed by tonka bean and amber. These mild and calm notes are the finishing tail of the fragrance. These notes add a touch of peace and relaxation to your personality.

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