Boss The Scent For Her by Hugo Boss for Women - Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

Dhs. 277.00

Boss the scent for her has a rich, exuberant and enticing aroma. Buy this Hugo Boss perfume at the crowd towards you as you step in the gala, and leave them in a psychedelic trance by using this Boss the Scent for Her Eau de Parfum by Hugo Boss. This floral-fruity fragrance is fused with deep gourmand shades, which makes it perfect for a woman who is independent and strong. Glamorous and sensual, this perfume for women is intended for the elegant evening occasions and night. The scent starts from a distinctive fragrance that combines succulent, sweet, and sensual notes that tickle your senses. The fragrance opens with the floral and fruity notes of peach and freesia, leading to the fragile heart, comprising osmanthus. The background of this fragrance includes cacao that results into an aroma that keeps making your admirers notice your presence as you walk past them. This Hugo Boss perfume arrives in a 100ml glass falcon. Await the rich aroma to burst and let your day start and end with a dose of absolute freshness.

 Hugo Boss perfume


The Hugo Boss perfume for women is composed of fleshy, lush, and light notes of peach and freesia. The sweet and succulent top notes make for an impressive start to the aroma that ought to charm many hearts.

 Hugo Boss perfume


The core of the Boss the Scent for her comprises of osmanthus that mingles well with sweet, floral, and fruity top notes. It imparts an apricot-smelling blossom, soft, pliable, sensuous aroma that is extracted from an exotic plant cherished in the East. This rejuvenating and long-lasting fragrance will soon become your favorite.

 Hugo Boss perfume


Lastly, cacao imparts a sensuous, slightly spicy and bitterish note so as to mesmerize you with an invigorating aroma while spreading a warm and cozy feeling. This fragrance is sure to bring a smile on your gorgeous face.

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