Boss Bottled Collector'S Edition by Hugo Boss for Men - Eau de Toilette, 100ml

Dhs. 199.00

Boss Bottled Collector's Edition by Hugo Boss is available in a stunning bottle of 100ml which exudes a gunpowder color. This Hugo Boss perfume keeps you fresh and going for a long time. The perfume opens with the fruity notes of plum, apple, bergamot, geranium, and moss. The middle notes of the perfume contain cloves, cinnamon, and mahogany. The base notes include a stunning fusion of sandalwood, olive wood, vanilla, vetiver, and cedar.

Hugo Boss EDT


The Boss Bottled Collector's Edition perfume opens with the freshness and elegance of plum, apple, bergamot, geranium and, moss. This combination is succulent, lush, and sensuous, it has a fruity fragrance which makes it alluring.

Hugo Boss EDT


The heart notes of this Hugo Boss EDT comprise of cloves, cinnamon, and mahogany. This magical blend is sweet, warm and aromatic. This middle note ensures that the fragrance is long lasting and hard to forget.

Hugo Boss EDT


The base notes of this perfume are made up of sandalwood, olive wood, vanilla, vetiver, and cedar. This note is calming and it relaxes you. The perfume does not fade away even when your day does.

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